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What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a broad term that is applied to all living organisms. It is used for everything from microorganisms used to ferment beer to the most sophisticated forms of gene therapy. Biotechnology is the use of microorganisms or biological substances to perform industrial or manufacturing processes.


(*1) The United States government defines it as being "any technique that uses living organisms or parts of living organisms to

(1) make or modify products,

(2) improve plants or animals, or

(3) develop microorganisms for specific uses. Biotechnology essay help by is very useful for these purposes, but, also, in some cases, harmful, or not yet proven safe.


The demand for food worldwide has increased the need for better and cheaper crops. Biotechnology essay help has offered the needed technology to produce more nutritious and better tasting foods, and plants that are naturally protected from insects and diseases. Biotech. has also made possible selective breeding and hybridization of crops. These processes allow scientists to produce plants with specific beneficial traits and plants without undesirable traits as well. There are also benefits in the environment, where pesticides are used more rarely now.


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Biotechnology essay help example

Though Calgene ripens its tomatoes, the company solved the rotting problem by inserting an “antisense” gene of the one that results in tomato spoilage. This allows the tomato to stay ripe, but not rot, up to 10 days. Makers say that this tomato and other genetically altered foods will be “just as safe as products consumers are used to finding on their store shelves.”


Some of the new genes being added to plants have the ability to remove heavy metal, such as mercury, from the soil and concentrate then in the tissues of the plant. The reason they have added these genes in some plants is so that regular mud can be used as a fertilizer for Biotechnology essay help . The mud contains nutrients that are good for the plants, however it is also contaminated with heavy metals. The idea is to remove the metals to non-edible parts of the plant. For example, in a tomato plant the metal would concentrate in the roots and in a potato plant, the metal would be in the leaves. To do this they use genetic on and off switches. The risk is that if the switch is not completely off, the edible part of the plant could be contaminated done by Biotechnology essay help team.


Food biotechnology could be seen from the point of view of two different kinds of people: those who are for it and those who are against it. One of the biggest opponents to genetically modified food is the Prince of Wales and all of England. The Prince has been very vocal in the past on this issue. He has given a few speeches and even started an online forum on the subject. He is pushing for public debate on genetically modified food. He says we should not meddle with the building block of life in the Biotechnology essay help . Genetic manipulation could lead to good in the field of medicine, agriculture and the health of the environment, but advanced technology brings dangers with it also. He, along with several others, thinks that herbicide resistant crops will lead to more chemicals being used on crops, not less. The trait for herbicide resistance will spread to wild plant life and make weeds that are resistant to weed killer as well. If plants produce their own pesticides, it will kill the good bugs as well as the bad ones. Also, with the pesticide everywhere in a crop, it will lead to a tolerance to the pesticide on the part of the bugs and they will eventually be immune to it.


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